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Hamster in cage

Buying a Hamster

Buying a hamster
There are several possible options when it comes to buying your hamster. Your choice might be determined by the species and type of hamster you want, or depend on what is available in your area.

Hamsters and Salmonella

Salmonella Salmonella is a disease that can be serious and life-threatening for both hamsters and humans.  Recent outbreaks of Salmonella have made headlines.  In 2005,…

Hamster Mites

Hamsters are usually free of parasites, but occasionally they can be exposed to and become carriers of mites.  Mites are tiny, black parasites that can…

Hamster Ear and Eye Care

Hamster Ear care Most hamsters can keep their ears clean with no help from you.  Hamsters take great care to clean themselves every day.  In…