Hamster Mites

Hamsters are usually free of parasites, but occasionally they can be exposed to and become carriers of mites.  Mites are tiny, black parasites that can cause much discomfort for your pets.  They live in the hair follicles in your pet’s fur.  If left untreated, mites can spread to and infect other hamsters and can also … Read more

Hamster Ear and Eye Care

Hamster Ear care Most hamsters can keep their ears clean with no help from you.  Hamsters take great care to clean themselves every day.  In fact, they spend around 20 percent of their time grooming themselves. The only time you really need to need to be concerned about your hamster’s ears is if you notice … Read more

Hamster Coat Colours

Introduction to Hamster coat colours Any breed of small animal kept in captivity will, over time, develop variations in color.  In the wild, individual animals born with a different color from the norm are often more noticeable to predators and, hence, do not usually live long enough to breed; therefore, extreme color variations in wild … Read more

Euthanasia Issues for Hamster Owners

Most hamsters die in their sleep.  Usually this occurs due to old age or because of an underlying, undiagnosed condition.  However, some hamsters grow older and then begin to suffer from health issues that are not able to be cured or controlled.  Although it is not pleasant to think about, sometimes the best thing is … Read more

Tyzzer’s Disease and Your Hamster

Tyzzer’s Disease is a disease that affects many strains of rodents, including hamsters.  Most strains are unique to the species and are not transmitted from species to species (although gerbils can sometimes be infected from strains found in other rodents). This disease is highly contagious and can be passed easily from hamster to hamster.  The … Read more

Sexing Your Hamster

Sexing your hamster is only necessary if you are breeding your hamsters or you have more than one hamster and you wish to prevent breeding.  No significant difference has been found in sexes as far as temperament or the ability to be a good pet, so if you are choosing a hamster that will be … Read more

Hamsters and Other Pets

Hamsters need to have special considerations when brought into a home that has existing pets or when new pets are brought into a hamster’s home.  Their small size and lack of natural defenses make them easy prey for a larger pet, such as a cat or dog. We have all heard the odd news story … Read more

Hamster Health Risks for Children

Young children are often more at risk for disease.  This is not only due to a weaker immune system, but it is also because of habits that children have that make passing germs from child to child easier:  they hug and kiss each other a lot.  They put their fingers in their mouths and touch … Read more

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Hamster

Ideally you will choose a veterinarian before you even bring your pet home, but that is not always an option.  At the very least, choose a veterinarian for your hamster before your pet becomes ill.  Hamsters do not need annual checkups and vaccinations  like other pets do (which is one of the benefits of owning … Read more

How to Care for a Sick Hamster

There are few things that are worse than having a sick hamster.  Knowing that your pet is not feeling well is both difficult and upsetting.  Here are some tips to help you try to make your pet feel better. If you notice your hamster is ill, be sure to quarantine him.  This is a good … Read more