Hamster Care Tips

Looking after your Hamster

When it comes to hamster care, all owners want the very best for their lovable little pets. There are many tips and tricks to making your hamster the happiest it can be. With a little bit of effort and a lot of love, you can give your hamster the absolute best life that it deserves!


A hamster, like every animal on earth, loves to sleep! And he needs a comfortable bed. Most hamsters probably already know this, but it is worth repeating over and over again – you must never use pine or cedar shavings for bedding for hamsters, or any animal for that matter. This can be fatal to the animal. Alternatively, try aspen as it’s an ideal substance for hamsters. Don’t use cotton bedding at all, the hamster may eat the cotton and choke.


Hamsters love treats! A good apple, oatmeal or carrot treat will make your hamster happy. Try one at a time and you will eventually notice your hamster taking a preference to certain treats over others – these are his favorites!


Hamsters need a clean environment in their cage so that they can be happy and healthy. Diseases form when an environment is unkempt and dirty. You must always remove waste as quick as possible. Clean up old food scraps as well, especially if they tend to attract ants and flies. The best time to clean your hamster cage is in the morning or evening. Hamsters become active at night so you don’t want to be cleaning their cage during the day when they may be sleeping or resting.


Hamsters enjoy the good old fashioned hamster wheel. This can often be the only toy you place in the cage and your hamster will be more than happy. Some people like to remove the toy at bed time, although I don’t really believe this is necessary.


It is not a good idea to mix hamsters together unless you want to breed them. They will usually end up fighting and may even kill one another. Stick to one hamster, or at least one hamster per cage.

Hamster care is not difficult at all. Sticking to these basic requirements will ensure that your hamster is happy and healthy and will bring you joy for years to come.