Exercising your hamster

Hamsters need exercise just like people. They need to exercise every day as it will help to stop them getting too fat and protect against disorders such as diabetes and heart attacks.

Golden hamsters are active at a different time of the day to dwarf hamsters. Golden hamsters are nocturnal, which means they will rest throughout the day time and run around at night. Dwarf hamsters tend to be crepuscular, so this means that they will generally be active in the morning and evening, and sleep during the periods between these times.

You have a lot of choices to make sure your hamster gets the right amount of exercise.

The hamster exercise wheel is probably the favourite choice. They are a hassle-free means of allowing your pet hamster to run as much as he wants in the safety of his or her own cage. There are various kinds of wheels, both made of plastic or metal. They may be free standing or can be attached to the bars of the cage. You can easily obtain numerous versions at your nearest pet shop.

If you want to give your pet hamster the freedom to roam around your house, exercise balls are a great option as they designed to allow your hamster to run around to his heart’s content in the safety of his own enclosed environment. You should be able to find exercise balls in your local pet shop. The balls are made of clear plastic and ventilation holes to ensure that your pet can breathe..

You can even let your hamster run around the house freely.. To do so you should wall off a section of the floor or simalar area. This is obviously not very safe as you or other members of your family could step on him. It should also be remembered that left to their own devices, hamsters will chew on anything they can lay their teeth on. This includes carpets, paint off walls or furniture and any other household materials. Some hamster owners allow their pets to run around the house without the aid of an exercise ball. They might wall off a section of the floor or a counter and allow the hamster to roam freely. This is not very safe and can cause great harm to your pet if he is accidentally stepped on or brushed off a counter. There are also health concerns from letting your pet run along counters that are used for food preparation.

Playing with your hamster when he is awake is also a good way of providing him with exercise. Don’t wake him up to play, hamsters are very unhappy if you wake them when they want to sleep. You can also let your kids play with your hamster but you should supervise them when they do this.