Is Your Hamster Compulsive?

Compulsive Behaviour in Hamsters 

Indeed, this is possible. Every hamster loves to run – it’s part of their genetic make up.  But some hamsters have been known to become obsessive about this habit.  They’ll run themselves to the point of exhaustion.

If you discover this might just be the situation, it’s unlikely that your little Henry is running because he’s compulsive or he’s even training for the New York City hamster marathon.  More than likely, he’s bored.  Or it could very well be that he has no place else to run.

Yes, time’s to take a look at the size of his cage again.  You may want to give him more room by adding additions, maybe a few more tunnels.  Does he have any other “exercise” equipment that he can run on?

Dealing with a bored hamster

If you have children, you’ve probably heard this lament more than once, “I’m bored!”

So you probably don’t want to deal with it from a hamster’s point of view.  Well, luckily for you then hamsters can’t actually talk.  But they very well may get bored.

Let’s face, it you new pet has every reason to get bored.  His house may be gorgeous, but he’s literally confined to it for about 23 hours every day.  The only time he gets a break to check out new surroundings is when you take him out for his play time.  It’s no wonder that he may be developing the hamster version of “cabin fever.”

So, what’s a good hamster parent to do in this situation?  Just make sure you provide your pet with enough different activity options as possible.  You may want to set up a network of tunnels and mazes to give him more room to roam within the limited amount of space that you have.

Also the various toys can give your hamster a nice, active diversion from running on the wheel.

And finally, does the little guy get his “out-of-cage” experience once a day?  Any or all of these alternatives may help you – and Henry – cope with his seemingly compulsive addiction to wheel running.

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  1. Help, we are looking after our grandsons hamster, we cleaned out her bedding washed cleaned and replaced the bedding. We checked on her before we went to bed and found the bedding had been removed and was on the bottom of the cage, we replaced bedding again and found it in the bottom of cage as before.What are we doing wrong!

  2. anonymous | 29/07/2015 at 1:30 pm |

    @anna hamsters like to hoard food in their houses so they push out a lot of bedding to do so

  3. My 3 hamsters are fat and kinda lazy . Only 2 cages wheels but no one would run on them but my youngest hamster Riko lives in the critter carrier which doesn’t have a wheel but after I got a new wheel all he does is run on it and only stops to sleep or sometimes drink . He used to be fat but now he’s skinny he eats and drinks normally like the others but his mom and grandmom are actually really fat but he’s thin .

    But that’s not the only weird thing . All of my hamsters love that wheel , I don’t know why . If I was a hamster I would hate that wheel , it is barred and their feet stick through it if they don’t run fast enough in it . Even my grumpiest laziest hamster runs in it . Maybe because of the coconut oil I put in it for it move ? Maybe they like the smell ?

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  5. That’s a skillful answer to a difficult question

  6. HamsterGirl | 09/07/2016 at 6:11 pm |

    Is my hamster compulsive? She’s a Chinese dwarf, and runs on her wheel dusk to dawn, stopping only a little to get a drink. If she is compulsive, PLZ, tell me and tell me how to help my poor little Mia.

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