Is Your Hamster Compulsive?

Compulsive Behaviour in Hamsters  Indeed, this is possible. Every hamster loves to run – it’s part of their genetic make up.  But some hamsters have been known to become obsessive about this habit.  They’ll run themselves to the point of exhaustion. If you discover this might just be the situation, it’s unlikely that your little … Read more

Where do Hamsters come from?

The “Hamster Rat” So how did a desert rodent – detested and despised by farmers – transform its reputation into a cute, cuddly and positively loveable pocket pet (so named because these guys can literally fit in your pocket!) I’m glad you asked. Let’s go back in time to the 19th century – specifically 1829. … Read more

9 Interesting Facts about Pet Hamsters

Hamster eyes. Just looking at your pet Hamster can tell you quite a bit about its characteristics. First, look at those large soulful eyes. Gorgeous, aren’t they? While the eyes may be the mirror of the soul, in the case of the Hamster, it’s the mirror of the hours they keep. You can tell merely … Read more

The Hamster Wheel

The wheel The proverbial hamster wheel.  Yes, these animals really do love to run on it,  which is because they need as much exercise as they can get.  So, in anticipation of this let’s just say you’ll want your hamster’s cage somewhere in the home where you won’t hear the wheel turning at 2:30 in … Read more

What Kind of Dwarf Hamster do you want?

Introduction to Dwarf Hamsters So what kind of dwarf hamster do you want? Yes, we know you want a small one. That’s pretty much a given. What we mean is, what species of dwarf hamster do you prefer, Chinese? Striped? Perhaps even a Campbell’s Russian hamster? Yes, all those names are very international sounding. Surprisingly, … Read more

How Many Types of Hamster are there?

THE GOLDEN The Golden, or Syrian, is the hamster most commonly kept as a pet. When most people talk about hamsters, it is usually the Golden they are thinking about. As you may have guessed, Golden hamsters are gold in colour on their backs with a white belly. However, once these animals became popular, people … Read more

Hamster Care Tips

Looking after your Hamster When it comes to hamster care, all owners want the very best for their lovable little pets. There are many tips and tricks to making your hamster the happiest it can be. With a little bit of effort and a lot of love, you can give your hamster the absolute best … Read more

Hamsters – A Brief Description

Teeth Hamsters belong to the rodent family. They have very sharp large incisors that grow continually throughout their lives. As a result they need to “file” them down by gnawing on something hard. If the incisors become too long the hamster will find it difficult to close its mouth or chew properly. They should therefore … Read more

Hamster Dental Problems

Hamsters and their teeth Hamsters do not have dental issues very often, but if they do, they need the care of a veterinarian.  Prevention is often the best way to handle dental issues with your pet. Malocclusion is a condition when a hamster’s incisor teeth are overgrown or are misaligned, resulting in having teeth that … Read more

Wet Tail in Hamsters

Wet tail is a common disease in hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters and hamsters who are weaning (from 4 to 7 weeks old).  It is a serious, life-threatening condition and should be treated promptly.  The disease can be fatal within 24 to 48 hours after symptoms first are shown. Symptoms: Symptoms for wet tail include lethargy, hunched … Read more

Teaching Math with Hamsters

Learning with hamsters Hamsters are an ideal pet for teaching and learning about a variety of subjects. They are suited for both the traditional classroom and for the homeschooling family.  Because of their small size, clean habits, quiet natures and minimal care needs, they are perfect for almost any educational situation. First you must choose … Read more

How Many Hamsters Can You Keep Together?

Introduction to keeping more than one hamster When you first get a hamster, you often just start with one and might want to add more.  This might be possible, depending on the breed of hamster you have.  It is best to get littermates and raise them together.  This will not completely eliminate fights and territorial … Read more

How Well do Hamsters See, Hear and Smell?

How Well do Hamsters See, Hear and Smell? Recognizing that hamsters have a different range of senses to humans will help you understand your hamster better. Some of the limitations or amplitude of your hamster’s senses will affect their behaviour, and if you know this, you will not be puzzled or frustrated by your pet’s … Read more

Exercising your hamster

Hamster exercise

Hamsters need exercise just people. They need to exercise every day as it will help to stop them getting too fat and protect against disorders such as diabetes and heart attacks.

Why do Hamsters Eat their Own Poop? (Coprophagy)

Hamsters have to eat their own poop to survive. As you probably already know, hamsters do things a lot differently from humans. They sleep during the day. They have babies quickly. They use their tongues to bathe. They run in wheels – for hours and hours. They are most active at night. Coprophagy Small animals … Read more

Hamster Body Language

Understanding and responding appropriately to your hamster’s body language will help you be more sensitive to the moods of your pet and will also help you have a more enjoyable friendship with him.  Recognizing certain signs in body language can also aid in the taming process of your hamster.  You do not want to continue … Read more

Caring for Senior Hamsters

Looking after the Elderly In order to properly take care of your hamster, it is important to address the changing needs of your pet as he ages.  The needs of a senior hamster are quite different those of a young hamster or pregnant female. Hamsters have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years.  This … Read more

Buying a Hamster

Buying a hamster
There are several possible options when it comes to buying your hamster. Your choice might be determined by the species and type of hamster you want, or depend on what is available in your area.

Teaching Language Arts with Hamsters

Hamsters are an ideal pet for teaching and learning about a variety of subjects.  They are suited for both the traditional classroom and for the homeschooling family.  Because of their small size, clean habits, quiet natures and minimal care needs, they are perfect for almost any educational situation. First you must choose what type of … Read more

Hamsters and Salmonella

Salmonella Salmonella is a disease that can be serious and life-threatening for both hamsters and humans.  Recent outbreaks of Salmonella have made headlines.  In 2005, 2 cases of Salmonella in young children were traced to rodents – one from a pet mouse, one from a pet hamster.  Salmonella has been found in many domesticated animals, … Read more